Additional services – Zira hotels


Our hotel has been present for over 10 years. We make the best for all our customers.

Dry cleaning and washing service

We offer the possibility of dry cleaning and washing your clothes. Within a few hours from receiving your clothes, our service will provide you with a washed and clean dressing room. The cleaning and ironing service is done on the most modern devices, which use the best quality cleaning products.


Special bed extension

If you need a longer bed, we give you an option to use a special bed extension. In order to use this option, all you have to do is to inform our staff that you want to use this additional service. We wish you a pleasant and comfortable rest in the bed that completely suits you.


The Zira Hotel Terrace

Hotel Zira Terrace is one of the most beautiful terraces in the city. This floral paradise is placed near the hotel restaurant and has an advantage of open space. At the same time, this is the only place in Hotel Zira for smokers. The terrace is open every year from April to November, while the closed section is open throughout the year.


Zira Shopping Center

Zira Shopping Center, an integral part of the famous Zira Complex, is located in the heart of the old town. On an area of about 7.000m2 offers a complete service for the modern customer. It has over 30 sales facilities with several dozen world brands and Piccolo restaurant in which is served Mediterranean cuisine. For guest, are allowed a discount of 5 to 20% in all commerce facilities in Zira Shopping Center. At Zira Shopping Center level, there is a supermarket of the Greek chain Veropoulos.


Parking and car wash

A five hundred parking space is located within 4 levels underground garage. For guests who stays in the hotel, garage is available at 750 rsd per day. All parking levels are connected to elevators with Zira Shopping Center, conference halls, as well as all floors of the hotel. Car wash is located at level -3, available to hotel guests as well.